About me

I am a PhD student at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague and member of the Machine Learning & Computational Group.


Enterprise Data Warehouses

2018 - present
Summer semester, FIT CTU

Expert systems

2016 - 2017
Winter semester, FIT CTU

Data Mining

Winter semester, FIT CTU

Supervision of theses in the areas of data preprocessing, transfer and metric learning, educational data mining, data warehousing and business intelligence. If you are interested in any of these topics and would like a more specific assignment or if you have your own idea for a thesis, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Member of “Fusion-Based Knowledge Discovery in Human Activity Data” research team, Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) grant No. GA18-18080S, 2018-2020

  • Member of “CTU Data Warehouse” research team, IP 2016-2018

  • Member of “Mining information from unstructured data” research team, grant No. SGS17/210/OHK3/3T/18, 2016-2018


  • Kubernátová P., Friedjungová M., van Duijn M.: Knowledge at First Glance: A Model for a Data Visualization Recommender System Suited for Non-expert Users, DATA 2018, (2018), 208-219.

  • Friedjungová M., Jiřina M.: An Overview of Transfer Learning Focused on Asymmetric Heterogeneous Approaches, DATA (Revised selected papers) 2017, (2017), 3-26.

  • Friedjungová M., Jiřina M.: Asymmetric Heterogeneous Transfer Learning: A Survey, DATA (2017), 17-27.

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Theses Supervised

List of supervised students and their topics (in Czech).

Jan Nováček - Analýza chování studentů v systému MARAST, 2018.
Radomír Žemlička - Spolupráce studentů různé úrovně znalostí, 2018.
Ondřej Pleticha - Webová aplikace pro monitoring datového skladu ČVUT, 2018.
Richard Werner - Framework pro tvorbu diagnostického znalostního systému, 2018.
Jakub Krejčí - Návrh datových vrstev pro datový sklad ČVUT, 2017.
Ondřej Nový - Doporučovací systém pro výběr volitelných předmětů, 2017.

Work Experience

Outside of the academic field I work as a data architect and data analyst for the university data warehouse. I also provide consulting in the area of mobile application testing (iOS, Android, focused on VOIP/SIP communication) externally. In the remaining time I co-organize 3D printing courses for the public. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.